2020 Refund Information

2020 Orders Rolled Forward to 2022

The original 2020 AFG Convention orders that you elected to rolled-over to 2021 are automatically being roll forwarded to 2022.  If you would rather receive a refund for your original 2020 AFG Convention order  please contact us with your full name and address at afgrefunds2020@gmail.com and we will promptly process your refund request.

Our original 2020 AFG Convention cancellation notice is below.

2020 AFG Convention Canceled

The 2020 AFG Convention was canceled. Due to the the outbreak of the corona virus the Governor of California and the San Bernardino Country Board of Supervisors ordered the immediate cancellation of gatherings of more than 250 people within the county until further notice. There are no plans to postpone the convention. If you have made reservations with the DoubleTree hotel or the Folk Inn, you will have 72 hours before check in time to cancel your reservation with no charge.

This is Suzie M., Chairman of the 2020 AFG convention - which was officially cancelled for 2020. First of all, my wonderful committee and I want to thank you, the entire AFG community for all of your patience and support while we navigate through this very difficult and unprecedented situation. After spending almost eight months of planning, and then to pull the plug on an event this size just a few weeks before the convention was very stressful, costly and emotionally draining. But we will bounce back even stronger in 2021 and sincerely hope to see all of you there!

Now it's time to settle finances and refunds, so we decided to offer two solutions:

  1. Full Refund - We will gladly refund your entire amount spent. Depending on your form of payment, we will credit your credit card, or a check will be mailed to your home address. Please provide your address and contact info for check refunds and allow approximately 2 to 3 weeks for this to process
  2. Roll-Over - In lieu of a refund, you can roll your registration and meal purchases into next year's AFG 2021 convention. The benefits are two-fold. The first is that you will be locked into 2020 pricing - if it changes, you won't be affected. The second is that is allows next year's committee to recoup some of this years' losses so we can put it to good use when we start again in July.

Please send an email to afgrefunds2020@gmail.com and let us know which option you would like. Also, please pass this information on to anyone you know who has registered for the convention.

Thank you again and we'll see you at AFG 2021!